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Welcome to Our Museum!


We have now re-opened but may not be able to do so every day depending on the availability of volunteers. Please check with us before making a special trip to the Museum.

2021 Improvements

We have completed major improvements to our galleries and displays, lots new to see even if you have visited before. Looking forward to welcoming you back.

Digital Collections

We have put a lot of effort into electronically cataloguing and indexing our collection of artefacts and documents which we will make available for research using the Resources link above.


The Museum is a registered charity and run by volunteers undertaking many and varied tasks which appeal to their personal interests. Use the link at the top of the page to find out more about volunteering opportunities; we would love to hear from you.

Preview of our Galleries

About us

Richmondshire Museum was founded in 1974 by the Richmond and Dales Soroptimists and opened in 1978. Since then much has been added to make the attraction a 'must' for any visitor to the town. The building appears small on the outside but is a veritable 'Tardis' once entered. There is a wide range of items on display with the emphasis upon local and social history. Displays include artefacts from the Stone Age to the present day.

As well as maintaining a wide collection of historic artefacts ranging from the earliest periods of life in Richmondshire the Museum has an active educational role supporting schools both primary and secondary and providing workplace experience for university students. The Museum is also an archaeological repository. Interested parties should contact the Museum for further details.